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Ways To Buy The Ideal Romaine Lettuce Hearts. One of the things that confuse a number of people is whether they should get the romaine lettuce by the head or the hearts. You will find that they will be able to be pluck a great part of the heads which is why many will tend to go for the hearts. Many stores tend to package this either in threes or fours. You have to know some of these tips when you go out to shop for the romaine lettuce hearts. You will tend to find that they will be able to be packed in either packs of threes or even fours in this case. It will not be easy to eat them all in a single sitting unless you are preparing a salad which will need to be taken by a good number of people all at once. It will be necessary to keep in mind that people will tend to use just one of them and have the rest being stored in this case. You will find that romaine is able to keep well for a good duration of time when stored properly. If you do not store them well they are bound to get slimy over time which will not be good for them to be sued for the salads. Consider avoiding using the original packaging in this case when you have already used one out of the many available. You will need to consider wrapping each of the heads with a paper towel which will need to be zip locked in that it prevents the movement of air in and out. You will find that in this case it will be possible to go for as long as weeks without even spoiling.
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It will be important to keep in mind that the romaine lettuce is able to give a different taste each time in the way it is prepared. You may need to drizzle it with olive oil or even some lemon juice to make it more tasty. It will be important to consider a case where there will be those who will be able to be used easily in doing this in the right way. You will come across those that will tend to avoid the flat taste which will be able to able to overcome the flat taste in this case. The best way is to always store them in the right way to avoid spoiling quickly.
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Many people prefer buying them in packs as opposed to buying them in a single unit. It will be important to ensure that those that have rust on the outside will not be considered easily.

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